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Anyone involved in product development today cannot avoid two terms: digital and customer-centric.

Many companies have been committed to their own transformation in recent years. Agile working methods have been introduced, new roles and skills have emerged. Data from servers and machines has been harnessed – often even with the help of artificial intelligence. Many companies push for a multi-disciplinary culture beyond divisional thinking.  Fast iterations and constant improvements are seen as the key to success.
The competencies, skills and methods required to design modern, innovative products and services have evolved significantly in recent years. Services often function via multiple access points and are inter-connected with each other.

We are aware that Digital Transformation and the associated changes are a continuous process. – That’s why WR sees itself as a partners and collaborator for common challenges and goals throughout. Starting with formulating the briefing or specified requirements to whole creation and support till launch, we are broader than design. We consider the tasks in the context of strategic and business aspects of our clients and according to the needs and behaviours of their customers.

For our clients, mastering this challenge often means a shift from individual single projects to the orchestration of complex product and process developments across the entire organisation. As WR, we accompany our clients on this journey with a mix of generalists and specialists. Knowing where one’s real focus is helps to produce concentrated results.